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      Solid cbd shampoo - néroli & ylang ylang
      • Solid cbd shampoo - néroli & ylang ylang

      SOINS CORPORELS - Shampooing solide premium

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      Solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne 100g contains 50mg of CBD, as well as a mixture of 100% natural essential oils. This sturdy Néroli & Ylang Ylang fragrance shampoo is ideal for dry hair or for people with a fragile scalp and who tend to have pelicles. Its unique composition protects, moisturizes and nourishes your scalp for revitalized and healthy hair. Made of natural ingredients, solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne can be used several times a week to take care of your hair and leave them a fruity fragrance that lasts throughout the day.


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      Solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne is available in our cbd shop. This vegan product has an ecological and economic format. This product of 100g and 50mg of CBD is composed of ingredients naturally conducive to growth and hair care, this shampoo cbdwill become your essential beauty of everyday life. Its fruity and delicate fragrance will leave on your hair a pleasant and enchanting scent while gently protecting your scalp.

      Why use solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne?

      Its composition, effectively combining CBD, essential oils and fruity aromas, allows you to thoroughly clean your hair. The natural essences of this shampoo lay between hair fibers and thus act more effectively.

      Totallegal in France, the CBD presents many benefits. Without any trace of THC, this solid shampoo can be used daily, without fear of secondary effect. CBD anti-inflammatory virtues soothe and repair the irritations of your scalp. It also promotes hair regrowth and strengthens your hair fibers for a brighter hair. Essential oils present in solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne nourish and moisturize your hair to make them less dry and softer.

      Solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne Is it suitable for all hair types?

      This solid shampoo is an indispensable that fits all hair types. Dry or otherwise too fat, solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne rebalances the sebum of your scalp and reduces irritation of your skin. This shampoo effectively reduces the skin and can be recommended for people developing psoriasis. Ideal for sensitive skins, its natural ingredients do not attack the skin. It restores shine to your natural hair and revives the color of your colored hair without damage or drying them.

      How to use solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne?

      You can use the solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne morning or evening during your daily shower or bath. It is recommended not to exceed 3 shampoos per week, so as not to disturb the natural cycle of renewal of your scalp cells.

      Like any solid shampoo, it is important to pass it to warm water and rub it in your hands to make it foam. Then, with your fingers, massage your head with circular movements. The foam must well imitate your hair so that CBD’s action goes to the scalp. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clear water. Its fruity fragrance at the Néroli & Ylang Ylang remains active all day long for a pleasant scent that will accompany you wherever you go.

      And for a topped effect and total well-being, you can complete this solid shampoo with our Solid soap Marie Sans Jeanne !

      This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


      Solid shampoo Marie Sans Jeanne - Néroli & Ylang Ylang : Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium stearate, Sorbitol, Sodium Laurate, Glycol Propylene, Sodium Sulfate Laureth, Sodium chloride, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Titanium Dioxide, Steatric Acid, Lauric Acid, Penta-Sodium


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