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      ConNectar battery available on our CBD shop france, provides simple and effective use for a remarkable result in order to maximize the benefits of CBD. This 400mAh battery is available in black, gold, silver, rainbow, blue, red, green and purple. It requires only 2 to 3 hours of charge to accompany you throughout your day. It is used with the ConNectar and has three power settings that identify with a color: 2.8 (green), 3.4 (blue) and 4V (red) for use tailored to your needs. There is also a preheating function. The battery is supplied with its charger.

      What is the ConNectar?

      The ConNectar is a portable sprayer that collects the nectar of all types of CBD concentrates (waxe, pollen, crystals, crumble, or resin). The ConNectar consists of 3 pieces (a vapotage straw, a resistance reel and one SLIM battery rechargeable). Easily transportable, the ConNectar can accompany you wherever you go and allow you to enjoy a privileged moment of relaxation.

      How to use ConNectar?

      The ConNectar is easy to use. All you need to do is assemble the 3 pieces that make up it and put the CBD concentrate in contact with the resistance, and spray with the straw at the same time. Make sure the battery is well charged.

      Once all the elements are in place, choose the desired vaping power (low, medium or strong) and take advantage of cbd benefits in all serenity without no risk of dependency.

      Use the ConNectar with theCrumble GoldenBudsfor an exceptional experience!

      This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


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