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      copy of GUMMIE - Oursons acidulés
      • copy of GUMMIE - Oursons acidulés

      GUMMIES - 3000mg CBD

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      Bonbons infused with CBD, our JustCBD acidified bear gummies will delight your taste buds and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD! Without gluten and lactose, these gummies will perfectly adapt to your tastes and desires. Gelified, acidulated, sugar-free... Choose from a large selection of CBD gummies! Each box contains 3000mg of CBD. Containing between 10 and 45mg of CBD by candy, these gummies allow you to relax, sleep better and fight stress.

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      Want a gourmet break? Discover our JustCBD gummies without further delay!

      Available in several sizes and in several forms, these CBD candies are an excellent way to discretely consume CBD and combine the useful with the pleasant. JustCBD gummies are recognized as the best CBD candy in the United States!

      The candy CBD edible has many advantages!

      It allows you to consume CBD easily and discreetly, while enjoying the good taste of candy. Indeed, you avoid the herbaceous taste that is often found in theoil cbd against anxiety and you went the useful to the pleasant. Bears, snakes, ribbons, rings... Our CBD gummies are in various forms! Many perfumes are also available under 3 box sizes: 250mg, 1000mg and 3000mg of CBD.

      What composition for CBD gummies?

      These CBD gummies are 100% natural and contain only CBD extracted from high-quality hemp plants and cultivated respecting all the principles of organic farming. The ingredients are carefully selected for their quality to offer you the best gummies to CBD. And that's not all!

      Our candy-free CBD is available in an added sugar-free version: the sugar-free snakes. Regardless of your diet, you can consume these gummies with hemp cannabidiol without any hesitation.

      What benefits to CBD gummies?

      The cbd in France is used and appreciated for its many benefits. It helps fight pain, relieves stress and anxiety, promotes sleep and sleep... It is also used to relieve certain people with severe disease!

      Our CBD gummies allow you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD in a practical and discreet way.

      Containing between 10 and 45mg of CBD, our hemp candy will help you feel better. These natural treats will allow you to be less stressed, more relaxed, and in better shape. If you suffer from headache or back pain, CBD gummies can also relieve you.

      How to consume gummies to CBD JustCBD?

      These CBD candy can be eaten throughout the day. Totally legal, the CBD used does not contain THC, i.e. there is no risk of dependence or side effect. You can consume these gummies daily without any fear!

      To know how much CBD you can take a day, check our article "Acknowledge your CBD dose a day?".

      This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


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