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      Discover the Starship Spray from Hamilton Devices offers you an exceptional experience and reference in vape technology and innovation!with a triple atomizer to install your cBD or HHC cartridges or concentrates (WAX, Crumble) with the supplied accessory Wax coils on an integrated 1450mAh battery that can be used with a water pipe.!Our Starship is perfect for those who like to bring their vaping experience to a different level.Also, ideal for a group session or a solo smoke.The Starship comes with a bang accessory for our bang lovers!This accessory can be used to obtain fresher and softer blouses by providing additional filtration.

      You have three power settings that identify with a color: Blue (3.2 V), Medium = White (3.7 V), High = Red (4.2 V) for use tailored to your needs.There is also a preheating function.The battery is supplied with its charger.

      How to use the Starship?

      Sharship is easy to use.Just assemble the 3 pieces that compose it between them and put the concentrate in the Wax Coil of CBD or one or more CBD or HHC cartridges and spray.Make sure the battery is properly charged.

      Once all the elements are in place, choose the desired vaping power (low, medium or strong) and take advantage of cbd benefits without serenity no risk of dependency.

      Use the Starship with the Crumble GoldenBuds or goldenBuds cartridges for an exceptional experience!

      Resistance and glass elements are not guaranteed.


      Button activated

      Click the button 2 times automatically activated when using the bang

      High quality printed circuit

      Power supply: Low = Blue (3.2 V), Medium = White (3.7 V), High = Red (4.2 V)

      Battery capacity: 1450 mAh

      Resistance range: ≥0.5 Ω

      Connector: 510 screw thread

      Loading: C-type charger

      Charge time: 1.5 hour

      Content: 1 Starship battery, 1 glass tip, 1 water hose attachment, 3 wax coils, 1 type C cable, 1 buffering tool, 2 toric joints, 2 factice caps, 1 QR card.

      *Cartouche not included

      ENTRETIAN BOARD: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to flee.Regular cleaning will keep the unit up to its optimum performance.

      RECOMMENDED NETTOYAGE: 1 to 2 times by cartridge change or depending on use.Please use a tige cotton and friction alcohol

      BUBBLER RECOMMENDED NETTTRAVEL: Clean with a booze pad or Q-Tip and friction alcohol.Remove the gasket, cover the holes and shake with friction alcohol.Immediately afterwards, shake with dish soap and water and dry accordingly.

      RECOMMANDED BENEFITS IN PLASTIC: Clean with a liquor stamp or Q-Tip and friction alcohol.DO NOT immerse the case in friction alcohol.Immediately afterwards, clean with soap and water and dry accordingly.DO NOT USE ACETONE OR SOLVANTS FOR NETTTRAVEL, ONLY FRODY ALCOOL.

      This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


      Beware that the glass is not guaranteed, we ask you to gently shake your parcel before accusing it reception.If the glass is broken at your reception, we invite you to report it to us in the hour.Otherwise your request cannot be accepted.


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