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    The ConNectar consists of 3 parts: onestraw, oneresistance reeland oneSLIM batteryrechargeable 400 mAh. The ConNectar Spray allows you to enjoyCBD benefitsin all its forms withoutno psychoactive side effects or risk of dependency. CBD concentrates have a significant CBD rate of between 60 and 90% of CBD but do not contain THC. The effects are faster and more intense! Easy to carry, the ConNectar available on ourCBD shop francewill accompany you for a unique experience at home for a relaxing break guaranteed or during your trips, for a convivial moment in peace.

    In partnership with GoldenBuds, we offer you to test our ConNectar with GoldenBuds CBD crumble.

    What are the advantages of ConNectar?

    Available in Black and limited edition Doré and Rainbow, the ConNectar has multiple advantages. Its rechargeable battery has 3 vaping power. One first to 2.8 v (green), one second to 3.4 v (blue) and one last to 4 v (red). This allows you to precisely dose the concentration of each vapotage in order to find the one that really suits you. The ConNectar adapts to any type of 510 threaded batteries. The design of your ConNectar is of course customizable. You can, indeed, opt for oneConNectar Noir, oneConNectar Arc-en-cielor for oneConNectar in gold version. Finally, the ConNectar vaporizer gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of any type ofCBD(crumble, wax, shatter, budder, distillate, isolat, rosin).

    For what type of use is the ConNectar?

    The ConNectar is a sprayer. It has more or less the function of an electronic cigarette, but it has been specially designed for CBD-based products. It can be used on many occasions. Whether occasionally at a party with friends or in a more regular way to enjoy a relaxing and relaxing break at home in peace. CBD-based products have a beneficial effect on the mood and help to effectively reduce the stress and anxiety of your daily life.

    How to use ConNectar?

    The ConNectar is easy to use. All you need to do is assemble the 3 pieces that make up it and put the CBD concentrate in contact with the resistance, and spray with the straw at the same time. Make sure the battery is well charged.

    Once all the elements are in place, choose the desired vaping power (low, medium or strong) and take advantage ofcbd benefitsin all serenity without any risk of dependency.

    What is the CBD crumble?

    The CBD crumble, available on ourCBD shop france, is a high-end product made byGolden Budsfrom a mixture of hemp cultivated in respect of the plant and its environment and which is then refined by an infusion of natural terpenes. This crumble is pure between 80 and 90% which makes it the most powerful product of CBD derivatives. It does not contain THC and therefore has no psychotropic effect. It has aromas of terpenes and cannabis. It is convenient to use it with ourspatulato better dose quantities. It is available in several perfumes: OG Kush, Gelato, Girl Scout Cookie, Tangie or Super Lemon Haze.

    The properties of the CBD crumble

    This crumble will bring you unparalleled relaxation and relaxation. It is also useful against joint, muscular or stress-related pain and anxiety. Very popularcbd painhas anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe and facilitate relaxation. The crumble doesn't contain THC.

    This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


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