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      Serious Golden Buds

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      The CBD syringe Golden Buds, available on ourCBD shop france, is a high-end product made from a mixture of hemp cultivated in respect of the plant and its environment and which is then refined by an infusion of natural terpenes. This 300 mg cartridge of CBD full-spectrum is pure at 60%, which makes one of the most powerful products of CBD derivatives. It does not contain THC and therefore hasno psychotropic effect. It has aromas of terpenes and cannabis. It is convenient to use it with ourspatulato better dose quantities. It is available in several perfumes: OG Kush, Gelato, Girl Scout Cookie, Tangie or Super Lemon Haze.

      The properties of CBD distillation syringe

      This syringe will bring you an unparalleled relaxation and relaxation. It is also useful against joint, muscular or stress-related pain and anxiety. Very popular cbd painhas anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe and facilitate relaxation. The crumble doesn't contain THC.

      In what circumstances is it necessary to use CBD distillation syringe?

      The syringe can be used at any time of the day, for a relaxing break, also after a hard day of stressful work to decompress, or after an intense muscle effort to relax muscle fibers and let the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD do their work.

      How to use CBD distillation syringe?

      the syringe Golden Budscan be used with a vaporizer, ourConNectaror ourRIOSTACHE. We also offerspatulavery convenient to dose the amount of distillate Golden Buds and place it in a container. It can also be directly placed under the tongue. Or againbe cooked, incorporating it into a fat body like butter or oil.

      Enjoy ourPack Stache " Golden Buds expert!

      This product is prohibited for minors and not for pregnant women.


      The CBD is made up of a high quality CBD full-spectrum distillate raw from a mixture of hemp cultivated in respect of the plant and its environment, which is refined by an infusion of natural terpenes.


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      Golden Buds Og Kush

      Golden Buds Og KushDownload (278.71k)

      Golden Buds Girl Scout Cookie

      Golden Buds Girl Scout CookieDownload (278.69k)

      Golden Buds Tangie

      Golden Buds TangieDownload (278.7k)

      Golden Buds Super Lemon Haze

      Golden Buds Super Lemon HazeDownload (278.69k)

      Golden Buds Gelato

      Golden Buds GelatoDownload (278.7k)

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