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      Animals - tuna oil
      • Animals - tuna oil
      • Animals - tuna oil

      ANIMALS - Tuna Oil

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      Available on our CBD shop francecBD oil for animals is suitable for all pets. Ideal to soothe your pet in case of stressful situation or to reduce a chronic pain, our oil with CBD extracts is declined in 5 tasty flavors for the biggest pleasure of your companion. Easy to administer, it acts quickly and is not addictive for your pet. Without THC, it is completely safe and legal!

      In which situation to use the oil for animals with CBD?

      L'cbd oil for dogs or cat can be used to tranquilize your pet in situations that can be distressing for him. It is indeed possible to administer our cannabidiol enriched oil to your pet before a long trip or before an appointment at the vet or groomer. But, hemp extracts also have beneficial properties to reduce the discomfort caused by certain diseases such as osteoarthritis which causes joint pain. CBD can also be used to calm epileptic seizures in dogs. On the other hand, its dosage in CBD with the choice between 100, 250 or 500mg, allows you to adjust at best the concentration in CBD which is appropriate for your animal according to its needs.

      For which animals is CBD oil intended?

      CBD pet oil can be used for all pets. These 5 flavors of chicken, tuna, salmon, bacon or beef give you the opportunity to find the taste that will really please your pet, so that the intake of this oil is pleasant and source of pleasure for him. However, before using it regularly, be sure to ask your veterinarian for advice, especially in the case of arthritis or epileptic seizures, which are quite common in certain breeds of dog.

      How to use CBD pet oil?

      CBD oil for animals is a sublingual liquid. So you can mix it into your pet's food or pour the drops directly into their mouth. CBD pet oil is often more difficult to give to cats, who are more delicate and often refuse to eat anything they don't know. In this case, a trick is to choose a food that he particularly likes and put a few drops of CBD oil in it. Normally, this should be enough for him to ingest the product. The dosage of oil to give to your faithful companion depends on his weight and size. Make sure you never exceed the prescribed amounts.

      The CBD for epileptic dogs also exists in the form of cookies, a good alternative if you do not manage to make him take the oil of cbd for animals.


      Medium chain triglyceride oil, Cannabidiol extracted from hemp (CBD), Artificial Tuna flavor.


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