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Products to CBD

CBD has amazing features to help well-being. The hemp plant has been used for hundreds of years for its unique benefits. The hemp has always been used for its many pain, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing and relaxing properties. Thanks to numerous studies and the desire of consumers to naturally seize their ills, the CBD in France was legalized. As a result, many products of all types have emerged to address various problems: pain, stress, anxiety...

How does CBD work on our body?

CBD acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors of our organization. This is the endogenous cannabinoid system. We have sensors everywhere in our body, hence the efficacy of the molecule on our entire body! A little info: CBD coupled with melatonin also promotes better sleep.

The different uses of CBD

The advantage of CBD is that you can consume it in all its forms according to your preferences and according to your needs.

L’Sublingual oil CBD is easy to use, a few drops under the tongue and you can feel positive effects on your stress, for example. To learn more about the amount of CBD to be taken a day, we invite you to read about CBD dosage per day. You can even make your pets enjoy it with our CBD animal oils, consider consulting our article “The CBD in Animals”.

A more playful way to take CBD to relieve you/relieve them: gummies. We offer a wide range of candy that will allow you to enjoy a pleasure break while relieving your pain. And as the CBD coupled with melatonin improves the quality of your sleep, we offer you CBD and melatonin candy on our cbd shop.

If you are an electronic cigarette smoker, you can opt for e-liquides to CBD which will help you take CBD to respond to your various pains and/or feeling of stress and anxiety. The e-liquids are available in different CBD dosages to adapt the quantity to your need.

Finally, CBD can be sprayed. In the form of flower, Crumble or even wax, its effect is more powerful but lasts less. It is not suitable for a background treatment but can effectively relieve your pest pain. For this we offer on our cbd shop sprayers simple use and practices in your daily life.

CBD Cosmetics

Today we find the CBD in cosmetics in the form of balm, soap, lotion, cream or massage oil. Its skin application serves to preserve, nourish the skin, offers hydration, protection and serves to relax effectively. CBD is also excellent to fight irritations and is ideal for atopic or eczema-like skins. It is associated, in a large number of products, with various medicinal plants to amplify or supplement the benefits associated with CBD. Muscle and joint creams also reduce inflammation and reduce pain as a result of injury. We attach great importance to offering different products to meet all your needs. Thus, on our cbd shop, you will find CBD products for tattoo healing, or beard products that reduce redness, moisturize your skin in depth and make the brilliance to your beard. Rendez-vous in the section Cosmetics to learn more about our range of beauty products.

There are many other ways to consume CBD and you will find them all in our cbd shop.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions if you have any doubts!