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What are the causes and consequences of lack of sleep?

Today's world has created a lot of evils in today's society. We are more and more sedentary, in front of screens and stimulated by new technologies, and our body suffers. Indeed, the lack of movement causes chronic lumbar or cervical pain in office employees and the continuous visual stimulation caused by our screens both at work and in our home disturbs our sleep. These disorders affect one in three people according to INSERM. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality can play a key role in increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

What are the benefits of CBD on sleep?

CBD has recognized properties to help relieve body pain and tension.

It is thanks to its properties that the consumer can feel a feeling of well-being and comfort and that he will feel his body gradually relax. This relaxation will put you in the ideal conditions to have a good quality of sleep.

How does CBD work on sleep?

CBD acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors of our organization. This is the endogenous cannabinoid system. We have sensors everywhere in our body, hence the efficacy of the molecule on our entire body! A little info: CBD coupled with melatonin also promotes better sleep. For this we offer you gummies to CBD and melatonin on our cbd shop.

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