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Cook with CBD

After explaining the differentuses of CBD, we would also like to inform you about the use of CBD in the kitchen.

It is more and more widespread in the big tables of chefs and can prepare very simple at home in the form of pastry or by including it in any dish of the daily.

You can add crumble in a vinaigrette, sprinkle with a pizza, add oil in a cake or cookies, or create your own CBD butter for daily use!

The benefits of CBD in the kitchen

Hemp in the kitchen has a net advantage as a means of consumption because unlike combustion or vaporization, it does not affect the airways and does not represent any health hazard.

This super food to the countless nutritional values allows it to cover many of our daily food needs. Indeed hemp is very rich in plant proteins and contains many essential amino acids as well as omega 3, 6 and 9!

How to use CBD in the kitchen?

The CBD is hydrophobe and lipophile, that is, it is not soluble in water but it dissolves perfectly in fatty bodies. It is therefore strongly advised to cook it with milk, butter or oil to make the most of CBD's benefits. It fits perfectly in all types of sauce to give it its slight grassy taste and spread all its properties in your dish.

If you want to cook your CBD based on flower, it is important to know that it requires decarboxylation that consists of heating the flower between 40 and 60 min at a temperature between 100 and 120°C. This process removes the carbon dioxide contained in the plant that allows the CBDA to pass into CBD.

What you need to know

CBD molecules do not resist high heat, so we advise you never to cook preparations with CBD beyond 150°C. This extends the cooking of your preparation but you can enjoy all the CBD properties thanks to this.

In order to give you ideas for using CBD in the kitchen, here are our 2 favorite recipes:

Cookies at CBD

Enjoy CBD benefits while enjoying tasty cookies!!

Here is a quick and easy recipe of cookies based onCBD oil !

Thanks to its cookies, you can enjoy the CBD properties to relax and relax.

Le Beurre de Marrakech au CBD

The Beurre de Marrakech is a widely used technique to benefit from the benefits of CBD daily. Indeed, after cooling it, you can enjoy it in the morning on a cake with jam. Or use it for cooking your food, be careful not to burn it!

Follow our recipe and tell us what you thought!!


Test and tell us what you thought!