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Why use CBD infusion?

Taking CBD infusion is one of the many ways to take advantage ofCBD benefitsdaily. CBD is known for its relaxing, soothing and pain-free properties. However, infusions have the same qualities and are often consumed for a moment of relaxation. In the form of infusion, CBD will have a facilitating effect on your digestion. Indeed, the stomach has many endocannabinoid receptors. It is an ideal way to combat the effects of stress and anxiety by combining both CBD properties and a pleasant moment with infusion. In addition, it is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of the flower for non-smokers or those who do not want to inhale smoke. Indeed, the advantage of preparing its flower-based infuser mixture is to be able to mix the properties of the flowers in order to customize their effect.

How does CBD act on our body when infuse?

The effects of CBD infusions are slower to occur than by inhalation and will be felt after about an hour. It is therefore a question of being predictive if you want to relax through an infusion before you go to bed in order to benefit from better sleep quality.

CBD teas that we offer on our cbd shop have no psychotropic effect because they do not contain THC and are very good in the morning as at any time of the day.

Instructions for use

It is important to know that CBD molecules are liposoluble, that is, they do not diffuse into water. It is therefore essential to add a fatty body such as milk (animal or vegetable) or honey in order to fix CBD molecules and fully enjoy their benefits.

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