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How many CBDs a day?

Your daily CBD dosage depends on several factors:

  • The heavier you weigh, the higher your dose.
  • From the intensity of your pain and anxiety: the more anxious, stressed, the greater the pain you feel, the more important CBD should be.
  • From your receptivity to the product: each person reacts differently and it is important to go through a personal test phase to adapt its dose of CBD to the desired effects.

It is best to start with a relatively low dose of CBD, then gradually increase doses over the days until you reach your well-being goal and enjoy CBD benefits.

Here is a table that can give you an order of thought on CBD doses to be taken according to your symptoms and weight:


For example, if you have average anxiety and weigh 62kg, you will need to take between 10 and 25 mg of CBD per day depending on your needs.

What forms can CBD be taken?

cbd oils, cbd candy, e-liquides cbd, drinks cbd, cosmetics cbd, vaporization cbd, etc, are so many different ways to consume cannabidiol-based products and feel a state of well-being.

JustCBD Gummies

We offer a range of gummies JustCBD adapted to your needs. We offer you multiple varieties of gummies with different levels of concentration in CBD to satisfy the most greedy of you.

Know that all our candy has a different candy rate of CBD, depending on the chosen variety. For example, you will find about 25 bears in the 250mg CBD box, 10mg of CBD by candy. For snakes, only 8 candy in the box but with a CBD concentration of 31mg. Only one snake can respond to your daily CBD dose.


JustCBD oils

We also offer a range of JustCBD oils. A few daily drops will help you to alleviate daily stress and relax by taking advantage of CBD benefits. Here is a table that lets you know how many drops of CBD oil are needed to reach your CBD dose per day:


*Calcul performed on a basis of 600 drops per CBD oil bottle of 30 ml and 1200 drops per CBD oil bottle of 60 ml.

With this table and referring to the previous one, you can now buy our JustCBD oils depending on your needs and determine the required number of CBD drops per day.