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CBD for animals

It is found that the benefits of CBD can also apply, exactly the same way for man and animal. Like us, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and can be receptive to the benefits of CBD.

Most animal CBD products are studied for dogs and cats. For the time being, tests are underway to determine accurately whether CBD has any risk to other animals. It is always advisable to get closer to a professional before starting treatment to know the doses to be followed.

CBD benefits help calm agitation, impulsive and aggressive behaviours, fight stress and anxiety, facilitate digestion and even reduce epilepsy crises. CBD also relieves pain, strengthens the immune system and accelerates the hair regrowth.

Most CBD supplements are in the form of oil or spray. It is wise to put a little on your pet’s food so that it does not fail to swallow an unknown substance.

Nos CBD oils for animals are available in 5 flavors: beef, tuna, chicken, salmon and bacon. This makes it easier for the animal. In fact, pets have difficulty in ingesting products they don’t know. Thus, by adding an aroma that is familiar to them, because present in their croquettes for example, the animal will be less mistrusting. There are also different concentrations in CBD: 100mg, 250mg and 500mg of CBD.

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